LIV Natural operates a simple business model that has uniquely developed over the years with Quality Standards in Research, Development, Manufacturing, Distribution, Marketing, and Retail for these affordable, QUALITY, LIV Natural Skin Care Products.
  • All account approvals require an active EIN, Registered Retail Merchant Certificate, or Government Issued Business License
  • LIV Natural Labeled Products ship to “Brick & Mortar” Retailers throughout the USA – Retail shops have the opportunity sell our LIV Natural brand at our suggested Retail Prices
  • We do not allow online sales from any Retail establishment other than shoplivnatural.com
  • LIV Natural offers a comfortable minimum wholesale order per order
  • We fully expect all businesses that sell LIV Natural labeled products to make a commitment to our brand and the impact customers expect when purchasing LIV Natural products by offering an ample amount of product

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